Insurance and Billing

We are working on credentialing with insurance, but are unable to take all insurances at this time.  We are in network with most insurances for clinic care including well woman, gyn, family planning, etc. 

For Birth Center Prenatal Care and Birth

What to Expect from Insurance

If your insurance is in network, your insurance company will receive a bill for

the professional fees (your prenatal care and any additional tests such as ultrasounds,

the birth, and postpartum care after your birth at the birth center). This will be handled

by your insurance company just as it would if you were to give birth at the hospital. If

you have one of the insurances listed below, your insurance company will also receive

a bill for the facility fees. You are responsible for paying your deductible before 36 weeks.

This is significantly lower cost than a hospital birth.

If you have any other insurance out of network, the facility and professional fee from

Sunflower Birth & Family Wellness/Sunflower Birth Center Midwives will not be billed to

your insurance company. You will be responsible for the facility fee and we will give you

a !superbill,” which is essentially a receipt that you can submit to your insurance

company. Some insurance companies will reimburse you a portion of that facility fee. Some,

however, will not reimburse you, but rather treat it as an !out-of-network benefit.” This

means that you may be responsible for the entire facility fee if insurance does not

provide reimbursement. You will be responsible for paying all self pay/out of network fees prior to 36 weeks.

We are working on becoming In Network with the following insurance companies for prenatal care and hospital birth provider fees. At this time we are Out of Network with most insurances

In Network Currently:

KS Medicaid, BCBS-KS, Aetna, United (Commercial and Medicaid), UMR, Sunflower Medicaid, Aetna Medicaid, Tricare and ProviDRs Care Network (Tarena only), Multiplan (Allied)

All other insurance companies are considered out of network including:

Soonercare, Cigna, Humana, etc.

For those wanting to deliver at the birth center, we are out of network for birth center facility fees except for Commercial Aetna and BCBS. We are working on becoming In Network for facility fees with other insurance companies.

Clients do have the option of self-pay for all prenatal care and/or facility fees and then you are responsible for filing a claim with your insurance company. We cannot guarantee reimbursement. All fees must be paid in full by 36 weeks. If we in network with your insurance and bill your insurance you are still responsible for your insurance deductible which must be paid by 36 weeks.

Your deductible is the amount you will owe when you give birth before your insurance will cover any costs. We can set up a payment plan for this at the first prenatal visit.It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits and your remaining deductible. 

For all Birth Center Births we require a $200.00 non-refundable registration fee to be paid by 20 weeks that identifies your desire to deliver at the birth center facility, covers all non-medical expenses including prenatal education classes required to deliver at the birth center, reservation of your due date on our birth center calendar, and birth attendant required as a second person at your birth. These fees are not covered by insurance.

Total fees for care can be discussed at your birth center tour.

You can schedule an appointment by clicking the link below

For Insurance and Billing Questions please call 620-301-1274. We use AthenaNet for billing.

We recommend that patient’s use Larsen Billing Services to verify their insurance coverage prior to utilizing our services for a birth center birth. You can click the button below to verify benefits.

Consent Form for Birth Center Birth

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