About Us

Our story

Tarena became a midwife in 2011 because she wanted to give all women the option of a midwife. Tarena has assisted over 1,000 babies into the world in the Winfield community. She successfully lowered the c-section rate at William Newton Hospital from over 30% to less than 15%. She had always dreamed of opening a birth center to give women the option to have their baby in a comfortable, safe, home-like environment where they can move around freely.  Tarena believes that women have better outcomes when they are able to trust their bodies to give birth. 

Jamie became a midwife in 2012 because she wanted women to have a better birth experience. After working for 10 years in the hospital on a labor and delivery unit, Jamie realized that women deserved to be treated better. Jamie believes that pregnancy and birth are a vulnerable time and women have a right to feel respected and valued.  Jamie wants women to know all their options and make the choice that is right for their family. Women should not have to fight for or feel pressured to make a decision they don’t feel comfortable with.